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Track Purpose

Data Science & Big Data Analytics track is designed to qualify special interns in the area of data science and business analytics field which is specially concerned with extraction of knowledge from large volumes of data that are structured or unstructured. The field is a continuation of the data mining and predictive analytics. The main areas of study is focused on data warehousing, data management, business intelligence, big data technologies, statistics, data mining, visualization, predictive analytics and database and SQL programming.

This track is managed by ERP Department


  • 2007


    This track was established in 2007 and previously known "Data Warehousing/ Business Analytics". The track has 110 graduates working in different industry partners such as EMC2, Teradata, Vodafone, IBM, Oracle, Etisalat, ITWorx, ...etc.

  • 2013

    Big Data Analytics-Vodafone Partnership

    The project aims at performing data analytics operations on big data extracted from different social media platforms ( Twitter, Facebook) Tools & Technologies: Hadoop, RapidMiner, Pentaho, Facebook, Twitter

  • 2014

    Footfall Analytics Smartkit-Vodafone Partnership

    This project uses the core data from communication services providers (CSPs) that can be used to know the number of subscribers in a certain location, i.e. Footfall, subscriber's location, places s/he frequently visits, demographics and contacts Tools & Technologies: SAS, Weka, GoogleMaps, Java script, PHP, css3, Oracle and Ajax

  • 2015

    Social Network Analytics (SNA)- Vodafone Partnership

    This Project aimed to build SNA Solution for telecommunication industry that relies on the analysis of relationships between customers using the CSP data sources to determine the most influential customers, communities of each customer (Business, family or friends) and to recommend the top potential customers for acquisition. Tools & Technologies: Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Python, R, Oracle, OBIEE, Oracle Data Integrator ODI

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Number of years you graduated must not exceed 5 years to apply for this Intake

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Military Service Status for males must be either exempted, postponed or completed

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