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Track Purpose

Game Art Track aims to graduate professional, world class, and well educated Game Artist, that will be capable of: •Creating concept art for different types of games. •Illustrating art for 2D games. •Creating assets for 3D games. •Animating characters 2D and 3D. As well as the graduate will be capable of using different techniques in Game design and level balancing and the ability of Game markets analysis and studying to figure out the suitable techniques in Game Submission and Monetization.

This track is managed by SD & Gaming Center of Excellence

Job Profiles

2D Game Artist

3D Game Artist

Technical Artist

Game Designer

A game designer is responsible for constructing different computerized and video games. Ideal candidates acquire effective problem solving and time management skills to cater for this fast-paced work environment. A game designer is expected to work hard and for long hours around deadlines for game releases and updates. Passion about playing video games is a strong plus.


  • 2017

    Game Art Games

    Game Art graduates produced with their colleagues in Game Developer Four Games : [ Lord of the Nerds (VR Game Shooting/Tower Defense Game ) - Chronoka(VR Puzzle/Adventure Game) - Never Like Before (Narrative Puzzle Platformer) - Good Night Monsters (Survival Game)]

  • 2018

    Game Art Games

    Game Art graduates produced with their colleagues in Game Development Five Games : [ Rhythm Attack ( Musical VR Game ) - Steam Blast ( Online Multiplayer Battle Arena VR Game ) - Ice Rush ( VR Multiplayer Racing Game ) - El Masn3 ( Tycoon Game / Collaborating with GIZ ) - Overoll ( Infinite Runner Game / Collaborating with GIZ )]

  • 2019

    Game Art Games

    Game Art graduates produced with their colleagues in Game Developer Four Games : [ Blue Age ( post-apocalyptic Naval Survival Game ) - Man-O-cook ( Mobile cooking Game ) - Olympus Day care ( 3D Multiplayer Couch Game ) - 404 ( 3d Isomeric hack and slash Game )]

  • 2020

    Game Art Games

    - Game Development graduates produced with their colleagues in Game Art Four Games : [ El-Fanoos (a mobile adventure puzzle Game ) - Hi Sai (a third person, tower defense and strategy role-playing mobile game) - Ropech (a first person sci-fi puzzle web game) - Exit Point (a puzzle web game)]

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Accepted Specializations

This track is allowed for the folowing specializations only

Accepted Grades

Distinct with Honours
Very Good with Honours
Very Good

Graduation Years

Number of years you graduated must not exceed 5 years to apply for this Intake

Military Service

Military Service Status for males must be either exempted, postponed or completed

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