Mobile Applications Development (Native)


Track Purpose

Mobile Applications Developer track offers an extraordinary learning experience, giving the students the chance to gain experience in developing applications for mobiles from different categories and with different platforms and operating systems, with more than 46% of the track focusing on how can you make a stand alone mobile application for smartphones and deliver it on diverse operating systems like android and iOS, and how can we use Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) API’s to integrate with custom made web applications and Enterprise applications. An Intensive soft skills package is also delivered so that graduates can deeply understand how to manage projects and build teams.

This track is managed by JETS Department

Job Profiles

Mobile Applications Developer for the Android Platform

Mobile Applications Developer for the iOS Platform

Mobile Applications Developer

Mobile Applications Developers (MADs) work on transferring software requirements into programming code, most MADs work on mastering at least one computer language. Though job titles for MADs might differ from one organization to another, MADs usually write specifications, design, develop, test and maintain mobile applications for different mobile operating systems. A MAD designs and builds the next generation of mobile applications. MADs might work in public or private organizations of various sectors and domains. Many MADs also choose to work for individual clients as freelance MADs. A qualified MAD will be working with the engineers to develop and maintain high-quality mobile applications.


  • 2001


    in 2001 Java Department was Established

  • 2007

    1st Intake of Mobile

    First Intake of Mobile Applications developer under supervision of JETS

  • 2007


    JETS (Java Education and Technology Services) center of excellence was established as a successful spin off from Java Department

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Accepted Specializations

This track is allowed for the folowing specializations only

Accepted Grades

Distinct with Honours
Very Good with Honours
Very Good

Graduation Years

Number of years you graduated must not exceed 5 years to apply for this Intake

Military Service

Military Service Status for males must be either exempted, postponed or completed

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