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Track Purpose

Embedded Systems Platform aims to graduate professional, world-class, and well educated Embedded Systems graduates. The Embedded Systems Training Program provides advanced theoretical and practical skills. The program is designed for both bachelor holders who wish to enrich their skills and professionals seeking to improve their knowledge. The program combines the study of fundamental aspects of embedded systems with a hands-on approach. By enrolling in this program, you will gain essential knowledge of embedded systems design and programming, learn how to program an embedded device, increase your understanding of real-time operating systems, explore the latest embedded technologies as well as utilize tools to optimize embedded systems designs.

This track is managed by Embedded Systems Department

Job Profiles

Embedded Software/Firmware Engineer

Embedded Software/Firmware Engineer hold a specialized role throughout the software development cycle from planning and code writing to testing and maintaining software. Coding often involves highly specialized systems with specific requirements. Embedded Software Engineers also create documentation for code, design and testing.

Embedded Linux Engineer

Embedded Linux Engineer develop software and firmware for various devices and computer systems. In this career, you work on products like smart TVs, navigation devices, networking equipment, medical instruments, industrial systems, mobile phones, and other embedded systems that use Linux. In addition to writing and testing code for Linux-based device development, you may work to fix problems with existing systems that use a Linux platform or integrate new software into existing systems.

Embedded automotive engineer

design, implement and verify software based on AutoSAR architecture and methodology design, develop, and configure the full stack of AutoSAR components, implement and use most popular communication protocols in automotives industry.

Software Tooling Engineer

Customize and maintain tools, frameworks or plugins for software development, Build specific toolchains based on product and process requirements using customized state of the art tools, Support the rollout and usage of new technologies, Create and update standards, guides and best practices for Software Development, Cooperate with the product development teams and other stakeholders to design, integrate and test the released software toolchains, Improve software packages by bug fixing, performance increase and addition of features.


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Accepted Specializations

This track is allowed for the folowing specializations only

Accepted Grades

Distinct with Honours
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Very Good

Graduation Years

Number of years you graduated must not exceed 5 years to apply for this Intake

Military Service

Military Service Status for males must be either exempted, postponed or completed

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