Device Information Technology Institute envisions a connected Egypt, where citizens are empowered with a window to the world through the knowledge and practice of ICT, introducing technology to all Egyptian governorates, unprivileged villages, cities and valleys with unfortunate infrastructure and limited access to ICT education.
Throughout its partnership with governmental entities, ITI operates in 85 training centers (2015) extend over-all of Egypt governorates, along with the centers of Upper and Lower Egypt governorates, ITI expanded in border and marginal regions such as Sinai in (Bear Elabd, Elhasana, Elarish, El-Tour, Sharm El-sheikh, Elsalloum, and Saint Catherine) as well as Regions like Abu-Simbel, Siwa, and Shalateen, Kom-Ombo, and Marsa Matrouh. In 2015 ITI expanded its focus to small villages in addition to the deprived villages and cities such as Naga-Khamees in Eladaisat village inside Eltoud in Luxor, and Mansheyet Elnoubah village inside Eltoud in Luxor, Dahab in South Sinai, Elkousair and Ras Hedreba, Halayeb and Abo-Ramad in the Red-Sea governorate, customizing the ICT tools and trends to best serve the nature of each governorate while significantly responding to their demands and needs. ITI's Quarters act out in their respective regions as technology awareness and evangelism reference bodies; hubs for ICT professional and enabled human capacities; as well as centers for applied research and development serving the region's industries and community.