Information Technology Institute hosted the Annual Entrepreneurship Day with the presence of profound entrepreneurs and IT key figures who work consistently to enable the dynamic sectors of the community through the optimum use of the technology tools and trends.

As Egypt seeks to diversify its economy towards a knowledge-based one, ITI has grasped the need for the country to adapt and equip itself in facing swift change, it has expanded its outreach towards youth development and education, along with reinforcing innovation and entrepreneurship. 

 The Annual Entrepreneurship Day aims to cultivate an entrepreneurial culture & mindset among the ITI interns through encouraging and fostering innovative ideas, along with helping them designing innovative business models that can grow into fundable startups, successful & sustainable businesses.  

 The day comes as an integrated part of the ITI 9-Month Program and its series of initiatives & events to create an avenue for igniting our youth minds, pushing them stepping outside their regular form, acquiring the sense of playful, exploratory programming and getting the flavor of challenge and achievement. It organize annually a set of events and hackathons bringing different threads of the market in a cooperative and completive setup to tackle different business problems or challenges.

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