About Juniors Academy

Due to covid19 the juniors’ academy activities were cancelled this summer

ITI Juniors Academy teach kids and teens to develop their computational and personal skills to match their talents and abilities, in a challenging environment that unleash their creativity.
Nurture inquisitivity & promote problem-solving
All of our classes involve challenges which encourage juniors to turn abstract concepts into tangible solutions. Failure is celebrated (and even deliberately included) to help them learn the importance of grit, perseverance and problem-solving.
Embrace logical thinking and creativity
We help juniors design, test and improve their inventions with feedback from peers and teachers. We design our classes so that juniors collaborate. In teams, they learn to explain their thinking, engage in problem-solving and develop interpersonal skills.

Technologies Juniors Academy

ITI Juniors Academy chose to nurture inquisitivity, promote problem-solving, and embrace logical thinking and creativity with a special focus on building the knowledge of the computational thinking skills in 5 different state-of-art technologies:

Controlling the device that will be the robot brain!

  • The 7th Sense.
  • Simulate & apply your logic.
  • Explore the non-human creatures world.
  • Know about the IoT.
  • Build, configure, and test your first HW mission.
  • Mission 2: control your room temp.
  • Mission 3: control power consumption.
  • Mission 4: motion control.
  • Mission 5: build up the skills of your hero robot.
  • Maze runner team challenge.

Develop the Game!

  • Enter the world of digital games.
  • Think of your game idea.
  • Design the story. Is it fun?.
  • Develop your game, and learn more about game engines.
  • Validate it and let your friends test it.
  • Publish your work on different stores.

To beat a hacker, you need to think like one!

  • Security: to share or not to share!!!!.
  • Identify the threats.
  • Secure your environment: Mob, PC, & Social Presence.
  • Explore & assess the threats around you.
  • Risk mitigation.

Teach your Machine to Think!

  • The science behind AI.
  • Explore AI through: SW, HW, real applications.
  • Programming using Scratch
  • Learn Python basics
  • Make your first AI challenge

Draw Digitally

  • Explore the color theory and design principles.
  • Make a simple graphic designs like Logos, posters and image-making techniques.
  • Master simple operations in Adobe Illustrator to create your own vector artwork.
  • Build a solid knowledge of the basics of digital painting.
  • Identify various techniques of digital drawing.
  • Develop your digital abilities.