ITI Innovation Incubation

As a leader in skills and knowledge development for the professional community, ITI strives to extend its services and capabilities to serve wider segments of beneficiaries whereby leading entrepreneurs, growing startups and SMEs are invited to co-develop and support the creation of an entrepreneurial environment that could enable the ITI interns to master innovation and hence initiate ideas to leverage notable impact on the society. Part of this collaboration is highlighted by the ITI interns work on their IT based prototype models, solutions and products at the end of the 9-month program journey, notably their work becomes the seeds for potential startups and business ventures. In support to their work, ITI, along with our industry partners conduct a series of Ideation Camps to provide the interns with a thrilling hands-on experience featuring the art of ideation, entrepreneurship and customer driven innovation, while enabling them to foster innovation and embrace a creative approach to perceive major challenges. Amongst the ITI interns developed solutions with the industry is Master of Things, that is considered to be the backbone and the driver for national economy growth by supplying IoT/M2M application development services to the whole world, through bridging in the gap between Industrial knowledge and Internet based end users applications. Master of Things is powered by the ITI partner in innovation SpimeSenseLabs; an Egyptian joint stock start-up Company formulated by expertise in telecom & IT industry.

ITI Innovation & Knowledge Pathways

Egypt Game Jam

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world's largest game jam event taking place around the world. It is an event held in the last week of January every year for 48 hours of communication, learning and design and implementation of the games. ITI organized the third Egyptian forum for developers of electronic games annually during January at its premises in Smart Village. The event reached 625 participants, which puts ITI in the first place globally; In terms of the number registered on site for the competition. “Microsoft” Corporation and “Instinct Games” sponsored the event, and participated in it; by providing prizes for the best designed games, as well as, organizing a number of training courses on the latest technologies to develop games. The event witnessed the launch of ITI’s Gaming Studio, equipped with the latest hardware and software in the field of electronic gaming. The studio hosted during the event training to young creators of the age (8-12 years) on electronic games in ITI Cairo and Assuit branches. During the event, ITI celebrated reaching more than 10 thousand participants in the Egyptian Gaming Community of developers sponsored by ITI.

Egypt Big Data Annual Knowledge day & Hackathon

The Hackathon is the first of its kind for using Egypt’s Wealth of Big Data in generating solutions for challenges and opportunities. It gathered the main pillars of the ICT Sector; Public Sector; owners and producers of Big Data Volume represented by the governmental institutions, the private sector represented by main technology gurus and pioneers , and Civil society; represented by the universities and professional communities youth. The hackathon usually goes for 3 whole days where the government representatives presented different business problems and provided the data sets to the contestants in the Hackathon. More than 500 participants participated in the event where the first day covered keynote speeches from the event stakeholders, business problems presentation and technical sessions and hands-on-workshops on latest technologies and tools. The Hackathon competition started on the second day and continued for 78 hours with around 200 contestants divided into teams working on solving the challenges in the Hackathon’s domains (e.g: Health, water, weather, transportation and agriculture) using the highlighted tools and technologies. At the Final day of the hackathon the teams presented their designed prototypes. They were judged by technical gurus and subject matter experts, and the winning teams were awarded lucrative prizes in the closing ceremony that was offered by the hackathon sponsors.

Mobile Developer Weekend

ITI organize and host annually the Mobile Developer Weekend to bring together the industry gurus, pioneering experts, aspiring mobile entrepreneurs and developers in formal and informal gatherings to dig deeper in the latest technology trends and top notch mobile activities. MDW was the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East. The event has been inspired by the massive updates the mobile industry witnesses, and the critical need to create a platform connecting the industry’s dynamic key players to discuss, collaborate and reflect the industry’s day-to-day developments, opportunities and challenges in an interactive & passion driven environment. The 3-day forum usually attended by 1000 participants coming from diversified educational background and workplace, yet sharing the same interest in the mobile industry and passion for innovation. MDW participants are engaged in stirring up a global creative buzz through back to back activities include Technology and Applications core sessions, Hackathons, Entrepreneurship Pavilion, Mobile Gadgets exhibition, all happening simultaneously along with interactive training workshops and labs coached by key mobile industry leaders.