Acquire it

At ITI Makerspace, the learning is fun and enjoyable; you and your kids will acquire more knowledge about the “Fabrication Lab” concept and different uses that can help you make mostly everything you aspire to achieve; through a wide number of orientations, training & workshops. We are excited to introduced to all our learners (Businesses, University Students & Schoolers…etc.) the digital fabrication and rapid prototyping through Makerspace orientation.

Training Programs

Our programs are tailored to foster innovation among the mindsets and talents of the younger generations, and the 21st century job skills which include Problem Solving, Team Spirit and Leadership Skills.

Programs for Professional Makers

  • The Rise of the Fabrication machines
  • Design a solutions for a better future
  • Imagine it, create it
  • ROS learn how to control the future
  • Powerful, Creative Board “PCB” Design (PCB Board)
  • Link the World with the Raspberry Board (Raspberry Pi)

Programs for Young Makers

  • Adventures in the Arduino land
  • Master your own robot
  • Scratch the Raspberry PI
  • Imagine it... Sketch it... 3D Print it

Make it

You can make almost everything through accessing a wide variety of machines and equipment provided.

Booking machines

You can book out specific machines or the entire lab for immediate tool access and individual help time . . .

  •  Monday 10:00am – 2:00pm
  •  Tuesday 10:00am – 2:00pm
  •  Wednesday 10:00am – 2:00pm

Spread it

Are you a techie maker? Spread and share your own experience with the maker’s community through “TechTalks” which will be held the last Thursdays per each month to, discuss the latest in the Maker field, hosting gurus in this area in the following domains:

The Fab Lab movement and the emerging concept in the Egyptian Market.

The Journey of an Entrepreneur ….. Perception vs. Reality (Opportunities and Challenges).

Crowdfunding … The future is ON.

Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality.

Renewable Energy Focus on the Solar Power.

Bionic 3D printing.