Professional Capacity Building Scholarship
9-Month Professional Diploma

At Information Technology Institute (ITI), we believe in bestowing the culture of learning by doing. More than 32 technological tracks are offered each year like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, Game development, Software Quality Assurance, Embedded systems and more across five branches, our students combine analytical precision with curiosity, thoughtful imagination, and an appetite for creating new applications in service to society. Each year the program outcomes focus on developing the computational thinking analytical skills, introducing digital literacy, and preparing the students for the future job market. It is specially designed to engage students and induce a passion for technology and digital skills and acts as a catalyst to bridge the gap between the university-acquired education and knowledge and the domestic, regional, and international market demands.   Admission is Now Open for Intake 41

Short-Programs Capacity Building Scholarship
Intensive Code Camp - ICC

The Intensive Training Camp provides young talents with the set of skills needed for highly demanded jobs, feeding the market with more than 3000 graduates. More than 90 IT Training Centers across different governorates which target undergraduates, fresh university graduates, as well as, both IT and non-IT businesses to fill the gap in the specific needs for IT in each segment. 3 month of Intensive Code Camp (ICC) are delivered in partnership with universities, global training organizations in different governorates with the qualified talents in the technologies that would participate the most in the local ICT market such as Textiles design, furniture design & visualization, Web development and Embedded Systems, Software Development and Digital Marketing and more to come.   ICC Next Training Round will start by October 2020

Bringing Computer Science and Information Technology to all University majors
ITEgypt 101

ITEgypt101 is a new program initiated by the Information Technology Institute (ITI) to provide basic computer science and information technology education to all university freshman majors in the Egyptian higher education institutes. It aims to equip the university graduates with the basic IT skills that are essential for the digital job market of the future and help Egyptian higher educational institutes face the challenges of the future job market skills. Digital Transformation is changing the face of the world in an accelerating pace. 400 students of Medicine and Languages went through the program at ITI Suez Canal branch in collaboration with Suez Canal University at Ismailia. 

Success Stories (2007-2016)
Education Development Program for the Universities in Egypt – EDUEgypt

EDUEgypt Project was launched in 2007 for 7 years and it has supported capacity development for Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES). The program also extended to include along with the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), other specializations in the IT Outsourcing (ITO) field in the faculties of Computers and Information Science and the consultancy services industry in the pharmaceutical field. EDUEgypt outreached to 45,000+ university students throughout 54 Faculties in 16 National Universities. Now the Career Development Program (CDP) is continuing the journey EDUEgypt started.