Postgraduate Capacity Building Scholarship
9-Month Professional Diploma

The 9-Month Professional Diploma is a renowned Capacity Development program both legally and internationally. The Professional Training Program has been designed and implemented by the Information Technology Institute for the past 22 years with outstanding success and growing impact. The program is offered as a full-fledged scholarship by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology through the Information Technology Institute for selected Egyptian University students within three calendar years of their graduation after passing a rigorous set of assessments and personal interviews. The program offers its students a world-class ICT training in over 27 different technology specializations ranging from database systems to Game Development, Mobile Applications Development, Web Developments, Mechatronics Engineering, Multimedia, and Big Data Analytics among several other high end technology specializations. The program as trained and qualified over 10,000 ICT professionals representing over 30% of the Egyptian ICT sector professional workforce. Due to its high quality standards; the program is accredited by several international universities as a pre-master’s degree. These Universities include the University of Nottingham in England, the University of Lund in Sweden, the University of Paderborn in Germany and the Oregon Science and Health University and the Dublin Institute of Technology of Ireland. Graduates of the Institute are also required to apply the technological knowledge acquired through their training period and create innovative projects that can help the society address its different challenges in several areas such as Security, Health, Agriculture, Power and Environment. The 9-Month Professional Diploma’s employability rates exceed 80% even before the participant’s graduation. Calls for Applications Open: Next July Read More

Undergraduate Capacity Building Scholarship
Youth Development Nanodegrees in the National Universities and Governorates

The Youth Development Program in the Egyptian governorates “Train The Trainer” is one of the Institute’s flagship programs being implemented through over 83 training centers across Egypt from North to South and East to West. Since 1994 this program has prepared young cadres from various governorates to act as trainers in their home governorates aiming to augment the value of training sector and to spread the ICT culture all over Egypt and its remote suburbs. The 3-Month program delivers intensive training courses. The number of trainees has reached about 3968 where they contributed to the training of more than 1,310,000 trainees in 83 training centers all over Egypt at a rate of 50 000 training courses per year and in specialties such as (Web Development/ Web Design/ Graphics/Network Programming / Open Source / Network Security/A+ Maintenance) ITI works in co-operation with the training centers at the IT centers of the governorates among all governorates in Egypt; to enable fresh graduates to use the ICT tools, adopt entrepreneurship skills and reach excellence in business performance. As well as promoting the creation of SMEs matching up with the local identity and market demand of each governorate. Calls for Applications Open: Every Month Read More

Success Stories (2007-2016)
Education Development Program for the Universities in Egypt – EDUEgypt

In 2007 Information Technology Institute launched The Education Development Program for the Universities in Egypt (EDUEgypt) to support the area of capacity development for Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES). The developmental role of the program has expanded significantly over the past years inside the Egyptian universities where the number of beneficiaries has reached 45,000 trainees compared to 3,000 trainees only at the beginning of the program. The program also extended to include along with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) new specializations in the IT outsourcing (ITO) field in the faculties of Computers and Information Science in addition to launching the consultancy services industry in the pharmaceutical field. The program alumni are now positioning Egypt on the global development leadership map in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Calls for Applications Open: None Read More